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AstroNova (formerly Astro-Med) DASH18XR-HS
18CH Rackmount Recorder with Removable Hard Disc

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AstroNova (formerly Astro-Med) DASH18XR-HS

ASM-DASH18R-HS is a rack mount version of the ASM-DASH18X currently carried in
the ER Pool. -HS High Security version includes removable storage for data
security protection.

Astro-Med Dash18X replaces the Dash18 in our inventory.
Specifications for the Dash18 & Dash18X are the same except that the Dash18X
Has a larger LCD display (17" vs. 15.4"), a 36Gig internal hard drive vs. 9Gig
for the Dash18 and a removable DVD+/- read/write drive instead of a Zip drive.

Color Display:
Type: 17" Active Matrix Color LCD (TFT)
Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Touch: Full screen, resistive
Functions: User Interface with touch-based icons and menus; Real-
time Waveform monitoring; Review previous waveform
records while recording; Overlay numeric values in
Engineering Units

Signal Modules:
Maximum Modules: 3
Maximum Waveforms: 18

Standard Event Inputs:
Number: 8 TTL with 9-pin, d-shell connector

Real-time Signal Processing:
Low Pass Filter: Stops from 10Hz to 10kHz
High Pass Filter: Starts from .1Hz to 100Hz
Notch Filter: 50 or 60Hz Center
RMS: Time constant selectable from .02 to 2 seconds
Frequency: Based on TEV, 5Hz to 10kHz
Cross Channel: Ratio, Product (Power), Sum, Difference,
Multiplication, Division, Phase

Recording Method: Internal disk drive 36GB
Sample Rate: .1 samples/second to 100,000 samples/second each
channel (all channels)
Total Capacity: Over 16 billion samples
Time Stamp: Time and Date saved with data
Header: Information on units, range, sample rates, etc.
saved with dataannels)
Events: All captured with waveforms Outputs:
Auto Arm: Allows automatic stacking of captures
Auto Playback: Yes captured with waveforms Outputs:rates, etc.

General Specifications:
Number of Channels: 6 (per module)
Isolation: 250Vrms
Bandwidth: 12kHz (-3dB)
Input Coupling: DC

Single-ended Voltage:
Input Type: Isolated, single-ended
Max. Rated Input: +/-250Vrms
Specified Ranges: 40 to 400 vfs; 4 to 40 Vfs; .4 to 4 Vfs

Differential Voltage Measurements:
Input Type: Isolated, differential
Absolute Max Input: +/-40V differential
Measuring Ranges: 200 to 1600mVfs; 50 to 500mVfs; 5 to 50mVfs

Bridge Measurements:
Measuring Ranges: 200 to 1600mVfs; 50 to 500mVfs; 5 to 50mVfs

Thermocouple Measurements:
Specified Ranges: Type J: 0 to 760 degrees C
Type K: 0 to 1370 degrees C
Type T: -160 to 400 degrees C
Type E: -100 to 1000 degrees C
Type N: 0 to 1300 degrees C

Removable Drive:
Type: DVD+/-RW (4.7GB)

For Chart Paper see ASM-42105000. Chart width 11inches, length 150ft.
For Printer see ASM-SCR-18R.

For lead sets also see ASM-LC-40.
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
40.01 cm 48.26 cm 44.81 cm 22.73 kg
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