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Associated Research 7650
0-5KV AC/DC Hipot & Dielectric Analyser

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ASR-7650/V1/Includes: USB: A-B CABLE
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Associated Research 7650

The ASR-7650 is a complete all-in-one system that combines the four most
common electrical safty tests as required by safty agencies (AC Hipot, DC
Hipot, IR and ground continuity test) in a single 2U cabinet that takes up
less space and
enables a single DUT connection. The 7650 is a dielectric Analyser with an
enhanced graphic LCD and analog bar graph. It provides AC/DC Hipot and
Insulation Resistance testing. In addition, through the 2K Ohm test mode, it
is able to perform point-to-point continuity and hipot tests at voltages up to
5,000 volts with one set of test connections. It can be used as a bench top
instrument or as a PC controlled system used in tandem with the stand alone
Autoware control software. It is well suited for automated hipot testing

Output Rating 5 KV @ 30 mA AC
5 KV @ 10 mA DC

Ground Continuity Current: DC 0.1 A +/- 0.01A, fixed
Max. ground resistance: 1ohm +/- 0.1ohm, fixed

Ground Fault Interrupt GFI Trip Current: 450 A max (AC or DC)
HV Shut Down Speed: < 1ms

Output Frequency Range: 60 or 50 Hz, User Selection
Accuracy: 0.1%

Output Voltage Range: 50 - 1000 Volts DC
Short Circuit Current Maximum: 12mA peak
Resistance Display Range: 0.05Mohm - 50000 Mohm (5 Digit, Auto Ranging)

Output Current DC 0.1A 0.01A Total Resistance*: 0.00-33.0 Ohm
DC 0.01A 0.001A Total Resistance*: 31.0-330 Ohm
DC 0.001A 0.0001A Total Resistance*: 310-2000 Ohm
Resistance Display Range: 0.00 - 2000 Ohm

Memory 50 memories, 30 steps/memory
Interface Standard RS-232, Optional Ethernet, GPIB, Data Storage,
or Printer Port with Date and Time Stamp.

Input Specifications
Voltage 115 / 230 VAC 10%, Automatically Selected
Frequency 50/60 Hz 5%
Fuse 4 Amp 250V Slo-Blo

GPIB interface may be added after build.
Also see ASR-7650-GPIB for more information.

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50.04 cm 42.93 cm 8.89 cm 18.86 kg
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