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Asea Brown Boveri BTSB
Secondary Injection Test Set for MPS-C & MPSC-2000 Trips

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Asea Brown Boveri BTSB

ABB-BTSB Secondary Injection Test Set for MPS-C & MPSC-2000 Trip units.

The Benchtop Trip Simulator for Breakers (BTSB) is a microprocessor driven
secondary current/voltage injection test set specifically designed for use
with the MPS-C and MPSC-2000 microprocessor-based trip devices. The BTSB can
test all facets of MPSC and MPSC-2000 operation, including the following:

o Instantaneous Threshold
o Short Time Threshold & Delay
o Long Time Threshold & Delay
o Ground Threshold & Delay
o Current Metering Accuracy
o Self-Power Level Verification

Altogether, the BTSB can perform up to 35 tests on an MPSC, and all the tests
are performed by true secondary current or voltage injection. There are also
built-in calibration tests which can be performed to ensure that the BTSB is
providing accurate results.
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