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Fujikura (AFL Telecommunications) FSM11S-K
Splicemate Fusion Splicer

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Fujikura (AFL Telecommunications) FSM11S-K

FUJK-FSM11S-K (Part #S013988) SpliceMate Fusion Splicer

SpliceMate (FSM-11) is the worlds smallest and most portable fusion splicer
is designed to meet the challenges posed by todays fiber networks. SpliceMate
fits in the palm of your hand, yet its smart and reliable enough to be used
with confidence by inexperienced operators.
SpliceMates advanced intelligence features include two-camera fiber inspection
to insure the splice is right and Auto Arc Calibration...an industry first.
Its easy to operate and quickly makes low loss splices with all common types
of optical fibers. Splicemate is available with a variety of powering options
including a battery pack and adapters to work with AC or DC power sources.

Highly portable
Dual camera inspection
3.5" dual direction monitor
40 second tube heater
Auto arc calibration
30 mph wind protector

These Splicers include:
the FUJK-FSM11S-K (Kit part #S013988)
- FSM-11S Fusion Splicer
- CT-30 Cleaver
- FH-50-250 Fiber Holders
- BTC-04 Battery Charger
- BTR-07 Battery 4.5Ah
- ADC-10 Adapter (for BTC-04)
- ACC-09 Power Cord (for ADC-10)
- Spare Electrodes (Pair)
- Operation Manual
- Transit Case

**Also included but not part of the S103988 kit:
- FH-50-900 9mm Fiber Holder #S013804
- WT-07 Working Tray
- DCA-02 DC Power Box AC/DC #S014008

See also FUJK-FSM12S-K
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7.98 cm 11 cm 10.01 cm 6.82 kg


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