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Aeroflex (formerly IFR/Marconi) 2024
10kHz-2.4GHz Signal Generator

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Aeroflex (formerly IFR/Marconi) 2024

Frequency Range:10kHz to 2.4GHz
Resolution: 1Hz
RF Output: -137dBm to +13dBm, 0.1dB resolution
Connector: N type female 50ohm
Output protection:reverse power protection 50W
SSB Phase noise:better than -121dBc/Hz at 20kHz
offset from carrier a frequency
of 470MHz, typically -121dBc/Hz at
Modulation Modes:FM:with deviation 0 to 100kHz
internal or external mod. source
FSK:modes 2 level or 4 level FSK
PHASE:deviation 0 to 10 radians
internal or external source
AM: range 0 to 99.9%
internal or external source
PULSE:frequency range 32MHz to 2.4GHz
usable down to 10MHz
internal and external modulation can be
simultaneously enabled to allow combination
Sweep Mode: single, continuous, or single stop
step time 20ms to 10s per step
Remote control: GPIB & RS232
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
2.54 cm 5.08 cm 7.62 cm 2.27 kg


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