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Power & Energy Logger, w/3 MA193-10-BK 3000 Amp Current Probes.

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AEMC-PEL-103/PWRADPT/Power Adapter
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AEMC-PEL-103 Cat. #2137.52 (W/LCD, w/3 MA193-10-BK Sensors 3000 Amp clamping
. diameter
2.75", 70mm)
PWRADPT Cat. #2137.77 Power Adapter for use with PEL 102 & PEL 103

The PEL 103 is a low cost, simple to use, one, two (split phase) and three
phase power/energy data logger. This product is ideal for electricians,
engineers and contractors doing work in the area of building and system
monitoring and upgrades, as well as residential and overall energy audits. All
vital energy data is easily measured, recorded, and analyzed. Reports can be
generated with confidence with minimal configuration time and effort (Standard
and Customizable Reports supplied).

The instrument's design enables it to be installed inside a load center panel
(including the current sensors) allowing the door to close on most panels. The
PEL 100 series offers all the essential functions for logging power/energy
data from most electrical power networks in use today across the world (17
network set-ups provided). The PEL 100 series energy loggers measure and
record three voltage inputs and current inputs, Watts, VARS, VA and Energy
(kWh and kVA). Power Factor (PF), Displacement Power Factor (DPF), Crest
Factor, Frequency and THD are calculated and recorded as well. Individual
harmonic % information from 1 to the 50th harmonic are recorded at the
operator's choice. All variables are recorded and stored at a one second
interval and on user selectable demand intervals from 1 to 60 minutes.

Sample Rate 128 per Cycle 6.4kHz at 50Hz 7.68kHz at 60Hz
Vrms 1000V P to N, range 10 to 1000V
Frequency 42.5 to 69Hz
Memory 8GB SD card (SDHC compliant, FAT32 formatted) 32GB max

Product includes:
Meter, 3 MA193-10-BK 3000A current sensors, 4 black test leads w/alligator
clips, 110V power cord, 5 ft. USB cable, set of 12, color-coded
ID markers, USB SD card adapter, SD-card, NiMH 8.4V
rechargeable battery pack, quick start guide, and USB drive
with DataView software and user manual.
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
25.6 cm 12.5 cm 3.71 cm 4.55 kg
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