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AEMC 8510
Digital Transformer Ratiometer TTR

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AEMC 8510

AEMC-8510 Digital Transformer Ratiometer TTR

The DTR Model 8510 is a portable digital transformer ratiometer designed for
on-site testing of power, potential and current transformers. When connected
to a non-energized transformer, the DTR Model 8510 accurately measures primary
to secondary turns ratio, while simultaneously displaying polarity and
excitation current. The DTR is fully automatic and uses an ANSI/IEEE compliant
test method. No user calibration, range selection, hand cranking or tedious
balancing is required. At each measurement, the DTR automatically
self-calibrates and checks for open windings/connections/circuit breakers,
short circuits (excess excitation current), incorrect test lead placement, and
reverse polarity. Measurements are displayed quickly and accurately.

*Features Ratio Testing: PT/VT from 0.8000:1 to 8000:1 and CT from 0.8000 to
1000.0 (Auto-Ranging)
*Tests performed by exciting the primary and reading the secondary; provides
safer conditions for the operator on step-down transformers
*Continuity test indicates open or loose (high resistance) terminal
*DC test mode eliminates errors due to magnetic build up
*Stores up to 10 primary/secondary nameplate voltages to use in comparing test
*Displays ratio, test current, winding polarity, and deviation from nameplate
voltage or ratio
*Stores up to 10,000 test results
*DataView software included which allows configuring the instrument,
downloading stored measurements and printing of test results in a report
*Display warns of incorrect lead connection, reverse polarity, open and short
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