Used Switchgear / Relay Testing

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DobleDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • DOB-F2253
  • 450VA High Power Relay Test 1 PhaseUsed
  • DOB-TR3300
  • Slave Module for DOB-TR3100 w/4 TR3320Used
  • TTR CapacitorUsed
    Noram-SMC, Inc.DescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • 3-kVA Raptor Primary Injection Test System up to 9,500AUsed
  • 3-kVA High Current & High Voltage Primary Injection SystemUsed
  • Raptor High Current Slave Unit for 5kA Power IncreaseUsed
    Siemens Corp.DescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • SEM-PTS-3
  • Secondary Injection Test Set for Static Trip I and Static Trip IIUsed
    Square DDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • SQD-UTS3
  • Secondary Injection Universal Test SetUsed
    T&R Test Equipment LtdDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • TRT-200ADM-P
  • 200 Amp Current Injection System with Phase ShiftUsed
  • TRT-DVS3-MK2
  • 3 Phase Relay Test SystemUsed
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