Used Site Masters / Cable Testers

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3Z TelecomDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • 3ZT-RFV2000
  • Vision Antenna Alignment toolUsed
    AnritsuDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • ANR-MW82119A-180
  • 1800MHz DCS band 40Watts Battery-operated Passive Intermodulation Analyser (PIM)Used
  • ANR-MW82119A-190
  • 1900MHz PCS 40Watt Battery-operated Passive Intermodulation (PIM) AnalyserUsed
  • ANR-MW82119A-700
  • 700MHz LTE 40Watt Battery-operated Passive Intermodulation (PIM) erUsed
  • ANR-S251C
  • 625MHz-2.5GHz Two Port Site Master Cable/Antenna AnalyserUsed
  • ANR-S331E
  • 2MHz-4GHz Site Master handheld cable and antenna AnalyserUsed
  • ANR-S331L
  • 2MHz-4GHz Site Master handheld cable and antenna AnalyserUsed
  • ANR-S818A
  • 3.3GHz-18GHz SiteMaster Cable and Antenna AnalyserUsed
  • ANR-S820D
  • 25MHz-20GHz Broadband Site MasterUsed
  • ANR-S820E-714
  • 1MHz-14GHz Microwave Site Master, Cable & Antenna AnalyserUsed
    Communication Components IncDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • 700MHz LTE PiMPro Portable Passive Intermodulation Analyser (PIM) with DAS testingUsed
  • 850MHz PiMPro Portable Cellular Passive Intermodulation Analyser (PIM) with DAS testingUsed
  • 900MHz EGSM PiMPro Portable Passive Intermodulation Analyser (PIM) 40WattUsed
  • CCI-TOWER1900
  • 1900MHz PCS PiMPro Tower Portable Passive Intermodulation AnalyserUsed
    Kaelus /Smith MicrowaveDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • KAE-IPA-0850A
  • 20W Cellular Band 850MHz Portable PIM AnalyserUsed
  • KAE-IPA-1921A
  • 20W PCS-AWS 1921MHz Band Portable PIM AnalyserUsed
    Praxsym, Inc.DescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • PRAX-310-010108-011
  • PST 136-174MHz and 396-512MHz Dual Band CW Test TransmitterUsed
  • PRAX-310-010129-003
  • PST 1710-2170MHz single band test transmitterUsed
    SPAA05DescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • Satellite Positioning Antenna Alignment ToolUsed
    Sunsight Instruments, LLCDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • SNS-AAT-1015
  • Microwave path alignment kit MW KIT 1015Used
  • AntennAlign Alignment ToolUsed
  • AntennAlign Alignment ToolUsed
    TektronixDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • TEK-YBA250
  • Antenna Test ModuleUsed
    Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU)DescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • JDSU-JD7105B
  • Base Station AnalyserUsed
  • JDSU-JD724C
  • 5MHz-4GHz Cable and Antenna AnalyserUsed
  • JDSU-JD725A
  • Cable & Antenna Analyser Dual PortUsed
  • JDSU-JD745A
  • Cell Adviser Base Station AnalyserUsed
  • JDSU-JD746A
  • RF Base Station AnalyserUsed
  • JDSU-JD785A
  • RF Test Base Station AnalyserUsed
  • JDSU-JD785B
  • Base station AnalyserUsed
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