Used Power Supplies / Electronic Loads

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Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.DescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • CHO-63102A
  • Load Module 20A/80V/100W Dual ChannelUsed
    Keithley Instruments, IncorporatedDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • KTH-2304A
  • High Speed Power Supply with Readback 20V 5A 100WUsed
    Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent)DescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • KT-6012B
  • 60V 50A 1200W DC Power Supply AutorangingUsed
  • KT-6030A
  • 200V 17A 1200W DC Power Supply AutorangingUsed
  • KT-6032A
  • 60V 50A 1200W DC Power Supply AutorangingUsed
  • KT-66101A
  • 8V 16A DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-66102A
  • 20V 7.5A DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-66104A
  • 60V 2.5A DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-66105A
  • 120V 1.25A DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-6612C
  • 20V 2A 40W DC Power Supply GPIB & RS232Used
  • KT-6614C
  • 100V .5A 50W DC Power Supply GPIB & RS232Used
  • KT-6621A
  • 7V 10A, 20V 4A 80W DC Power Supply, Dual OutputUsed
  • KT-6623A
  • 7V 5A, 20V 2A, 50V .8A, 7V 10A, 20V 4A DC Power Supply, Triple OutputUsed
  • KT-6626A
  • 7V .015A, 50V .5A, 16V .2A, 50V 1A, 16V 2A, 50W DC Power Supply, Quad Output, MOUsed
  • KT-6627A
  • 20V 2A, 50V .8A, 40W DC Power Supply, MOUsed
  • KT-6629A
  • 16V .2A, 16V 2A, 50V 1A, 50W Quad Output DC Power Supply MOUsed
  • KT-66319D
  • Mobile Communications DC Power SupplyUsed
  • KT-6632B
  • 20V 5A 100W DC Power Supply Single Output, /HPIBUsed
  • KT-6655A
  • 120V 4A 480W DC Power SupplyUsed
  • KT-6683A
  • 32V 160A 5000W DC Power SupplyUsed
  • KT-6684A
  • 40V 128A 5000W DC Power SupplyUsed
  • KT-E3630A
  • 6V 2.5A, 20V .5A, 35W Bipolar Triple DC Power Supply CV/CL MOUsed
  • KT-E3631A
  • 6V 5A 25V 1A Bipolar Triple DC Power Supply Autoranging MOUsed
  • KT-E3632A
  • 15V 7A, 30V 4A, 120W DC Power SupplyUsed
  • KT-E3640A
  • 8V 3A, 20V 1.5A 30W DC Power SupplyUsed
  • KT-E3646A
  • 8V 3A, 20V 1.5A, Dual Output DC Power Supply MOUsed
  • KT-E4362A
  • Solar Array Simulator DC Module, 130V, 5A, 600WUsed
  • KT-N3300A
  • 1800W DC Electronic Load MainframeUsed
  • KT-N3302A
  • 150W DC Electronic Load ModuleUsed
  • KT-N3303A
  • 250W DC Electronic Load ModuleUsed
  • KT-N3306A
  • 600W DC Electronic Load ModuleUsed
  • KT-N5772A
  • 600V 2.6A 1560W DC Power Supply GPIB, LAN, USB, LXIUsed
  • KT-N6700B
  • Modular Power System MainframeUsed
  • KT-N6734B
  • 35V 1.5A 50W DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-N6735B
  • 60V 0.8A 50W DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-N6744B
  • 35V 3A 100W DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-N6753A
  • 20V 50A 300W Autoranging DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-N6754A
  • 60V 20A 300W DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-N6756A
  • 60V 17A 500W High-Performance Autoranging DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-N6761A
  • 50V 1.5A 50W Precision DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-N6775A
  • 60V 5A 300W DC Power ModuleUsed
  • KT-N8760A
  • 150V 34A 5100W DC Power Supply GPIB, LAN, USB, LXIUsed
    SorensenDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • 10V, 1200A, 12kW DC Programmable Power Supply, IEEE-488.2 + RS232CUsed
  • SOR-SGA160-63C-1EAAA
  • 160V 63A 10kW DC Power SupplyUsed
  • SOR-SGA400-25C-1A
  • 400V 25A 10kW DC Power SupplyUsed
  • SOR-SGA600-50D-1AAA
  • 600V 50A 30kW DC Analog Programmable Power SupplyUsed
    TektronixDescriptionAvailable For Sale
  • TEK-PS5004
  • 20V .3A DC Power SupplyUsed
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